Make a jellyfish

You will need:

  • disposable glove
  • scissors
  • double sided tape
  • string or fishing wire
  • a selection of paper


  1. Inflate the glove like a balloon. Tie a knot
  2. Tie on a piece of string or fishing wire
  3. Stick a strip of double sided tape all the way around the glove
  4. Cut strips of paper, tissue or plastic into strips
  5. Peel the paper backing off the double sided tape
  6. Stick on the strips so that they hang like tendrils
  7. Your jellyfish is complete

Other tips and ideas

  • when you peel off the backing paper be careful where you put your jellyfish down as it will stick to ANYTHING!
  • use a pen to draw patterns onto your jellyfish
  • use more than one strip of tape to get lots of layers of tendrils
  • use different colour gloves
  • you could make a puffer fish instead and stick on googly eyes
  • some people have a latex allergy – check what your gloves are made of


N.B. Hazards – sharp tools; Strangulation risk from fishing wire/string. NOT suitable for children under 2. Supervision recommended at all times with children under 12.


Download instructions to make a jellyfish (pdf)