Easter print bag

You will need

  • Potato
  • Kitchen knife
  • Acrylic paint
  • Small fabric bag
  • Felt pen
  • Scrap paper

Wear an apron or old clothes as acrylic paint is a permanent paint.



  1. Put all your materials out on some old paper
  2. Place some thick paper or card inside your bag
  3. Carefully cut across your potato – the cut face will make an oval egg shape
  4. Pour out a small splodge of acrylic paint
  5. Dip the cut face of your potato into the paint
  6. Firmly press your potato onto the bag surface
  7. Repeat as required for your design!
  8. Once the paint is dry decorate with your pen. Here we’ve done an abstract pattern
  9. Or more traditional Easter Egg hunt drawings



Other tips and ideas

  • Younger children can enjoy doing this activity but for safety they will need adult support cutting the potato
  • Try using a selection of colours of paint
  • You can cut & carve your potato into a variety of shapes and sizes
  • View our ArtCare Pinterest board for potato prints with lots of other ideas including summer fruit designs and geometric patterns


Download Easter egg hunt print bag instruction sheet (pdf)