ArtCare supports the wellbeing of hospital staff, patients and visitors with an array of online content to uplift and inspire you, including music from our Elevate artists, poems, storytelling and ‘have a go’ art guides. We have also teamed up with Odstock Health and Fitness, the hospital’s onsite Leisure Centre, to bring you some online workouts.


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music & songs from our Elevate artists

Alex Bett & Hannah Lefeuvre – Singing to you from my garden

Download song lyrics

More videos from Hannah

Emily Burridge – Pizzicato Rhapsodie

More videos from Emily

Alex Bett – We just want to roam

Download song lyrics

More videos from Alex

Frankie Simpkins – Songs for July

More videos from Frankie

Mozart Andante from Sonata in C

More videos from Sarah

Jane Saunders – Pachelbel’s canon and more

More videos from Jane

Rosie Mead – Stranger on the shore

More videos from Rosie

Pearl Love – Wishing tree

More videos from Pearl

Chris Pearson – Que sera sera

More videos from Chris

Chopin Nocturne

More videos from Karen

Hilary Grabham – Ariosa

More videos from Hilary



Stories, poetry, quizzes

Elevate your mood

Elevate your mood

Words and images to delight and inspire you

Village Tales

Village Tales

Stories, anecdotes and songs collected about local villages



Coming soon - immerse yourself in some poems



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Odstock Health & Fitness workouts, dance, movement

N.B. If you have any injuries or are unsure if any of the exercises from Odstock Health & Fitness are suitable for you please contact our Referral Instructors via email before you start any of these sessions.


Physical workout – Warm up

Join Odstock Health & Fitness for a warm up before completing the Total Tone and Body Sculpture exercise sessions for a complete workout

Physical workout – Festive countdown

A fun, exercise-based countdown to Christmas for the family with a guest appearance by Rex the dinosaur and a festive greeting from Leisure Centre staff.

Physical workout – Cool down

Complete your physical workout led by Odstock Health & Fitness with this cooling down session

Physical workout – Body Sculpture

After the Total Tone session, Odstock Health & Fitness take you through a Body Sculpture session of stretching and strengthening exercises

Physical workout – Lower Body Blast

After the warm up, Odstock Health & Fitness take you through a Lower Body Blast session to really target and challenge the leg and lower body muscles

Physical workout – Total Tone

After the warm up, Odstock Health & Fitness take you through a Total Tone exercise session to increase your heart rate and get your muscles working

N.B. Anyone taking part in these seated dance sessions should listen to their own bodies’ responses at all times and work within their own limitations. If you are unsure if any of the exercises are suitable for you please contact your GP before taking part.


Seated dance – Warm up

Join Liv McLennan for a warm up before completing seated dance sessions

Seated dance – Charleston & Tango

After the warm up, Liv McLennan takes you through a gentle seated dance session to encourage movement

Seated dance – Tall trees & Padstow

After the warm up, try some gentle seated dance with Liv McLennan to get you moving

Seated dance – Cool down

Join Liv McLennan for a cool down following seated dance sessions


nature, learning and virtual art

Winter wonderland

Winter wonderland

A virtual exhibition of wintery themed images taken by staff at Salisbury District Hospital.

SDH Nature Guide

SDH Nature Guide

A month by month look at the wide variety of flowers, plants and animals around the hospital site, written by staff member James Macpherson. Copies available to buy through ArtCare.

Healthcare History

Healthcare History

Explore Salisbury District Hospital's historical collection of images, objects and documents on our dedicated website.

Garden Musings 13

Garden Musings 13

Elevate artist Hannah Lefeuvre ends her audio guides with a local walk to collect a 'rainbow' of flowers and foliage and uses them to make a tribute to key workers.

Garden Musings 12

Garden Musings 12

Elevate artist Hannah Lefeuvre describes how she grows fruit on her plot and how she is experimenting with different ways of preserving strawberries this year.

Garden Musings 11

Garden Musings 11

Elevate artist Hannah Lefeuvre tells us about foraging for nettles and making them into a healthy smoothie, as well as how she dries them for use in recipes.

Making a teapot

Making a teapot

Ever wondered how a teapot is made? Potter Julie Ayton shares a video demonstrating throwing techniques taken at her Salisbury studio during lockdown.

The mystery of Horatio's Garden

The mystery of Horatio's Garden

Jason King gives his perspective on Horatio's Garden and shares what it means to him in this blog post.

Breathing spaces

Breathing spaces

Download ArtCare's guide to outdoor spaces and walks around Salisbury District Hospital. Also available on MapMyWalk App.