Estuary shorelines

Elevate artist David Davies brings us words to reflect on the estuary shoreline.


The shore-line lies marked from a summer storm,
now blown out. Patterned pools, mosaic with erosion, are
orange, amber, lilac with delicate seaweed. Rock pools warm
more slowly than soil but keep their heat for longer, so when I
put my hand under I feel surrounding warmth, a quiet comfort
against the distant sound of surf. Children and their families appear,
delighted with freedom. The calm and peace
of this moment give a suspended longing and beginning,
crystallisation of thought, both settled and fleeting at once…
Stranded hulk, waiting for the tide
Shells: landscapes within landscapes
Dreams of September,
Of beginning –
This year will have two summers.

close up of pebbles and shells scattered at shoreline

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