Diliana cartoons

Start date: Thursday 15th February 2024
End date: Friday 15th March 2024
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location: Level 3 & 4 corridors Salisbury District Hospital

Diliana Nikolova works in many areas of the arts. She works in the sphere of caricature, satirical drawing and illustration. She has written several scripts for animated films and documentaries. A big part of her creative career is connected with Small Puppet Theatre SLON. She has won many awards for her artistic achievements in the theatre & film arts as well as for her work in caricature.


In her painting endeavours the main subject is the human, the human’s existence & faith. Here is what Diliana says about her latest work:

“I love people. Each human as an individual. There isn’t a person that isn’t interesting. There isn’t a person that isn’t important. Every person is someone distinctive, inimitable and amazing. I have heard people say that the human is a universe. I don’t quite agree. I think the human is a tiny particle, which has been blessed with intellect and free will but also with stubbornness and senseless which gives the ability to carry the abyss of one’s life that we don’t just lead but also create for ourselves.”

Diliana works in acrylics, her work is bold and bright but at the same time has a lot of detail, with each painting or character carrying a message which is sometimes very clear but mostly open to interpretation by the viewer, where one can often see themselves in some moment or other in their lives.