Ringwood Art Society 2023

Start date: Thursday 12th January 2023
End date: Thursday 9th February 2023
All-day event
Location: Level 3 & 4 main corridors

ArtCare at Salisbury Hospital welcome the annual show from the Ringwood Art Society. Group members show their skills is a variety of media including watercolours, pastels and acrylics. Highlights include watercolour landscapes on level 3 main corridors including local scenes from Salisbury to the coast. Level 4 main corridor has a lively and colourful selection of paintings, drawings and seascapes.

The Ringwood Art Society was formed in 1968 to provide opportunities for members to extend their knowledge and interest in art generally, to provide a means for members to exhibit and possibly sell their work and to stimulate an interest in art amongst members of the public.

The exhibition is free of charge and can be seen on both levels 3 and 4 main corridors of Salisbury District Hospital. Visit the Ringwood Art Society website for more information about the group.