Make a flicker book

You will need:

  • pencil
  • small note pad or paper (about A6 size)
  • stapler


  1. Make up a pad of pages held together with staples
  2. Make sure the right hand edge of the pages are flush
  3. On the last page of your pad draw a stick man
  4. On the page before it draw your figure again but change it slightly by moving an arm or leg
  5. Fill up the book by changing your drawing a little each time
  6. When you have finished all the pages hold the stapled edge and flick through the pages
  7. Watch your stick figure move!

Other tips and ideas

  • draw close to the edge as this helps when you flip your book
  • before drawing think about how an arm or leg moves
  • if you don’t like drawing try a coloured in circle and place it up and down the edge of the pad…. It will look like a bouncing ball


Download make a flicker book instructions (pdf)