Mixed media collage

You will need:

  • variety of paper – wrapping, tissue, old drawings or paintings, tracing paper
  • double sided tape
  • scissors
  • colour magazines – look for photos with interesting textures
  • wire (like the ones used to hold toys in packets)
  • metal foil (from a tomato puree tube), plastic milk bottle (washed!)
  • cottons and strong needle
  • ribbon, sequins, buttons, beads, sweet wrappers
  • found objects – not too bulky
  • mount card or stiff white card


  1. From your collection of materials, select three pieces of fabric or colour paper in a similar shade
  2. Using double sided tape, stick them together to make a background. Choose a simple shape and make this in different sizes using 5 different materials
  3. Arrange the shapes on your background. When you’re happy with the layout use double sided tape to stick flat materials down
  4. Use simple stitches to sew materials that are too difficult to stick. Use colour cottons, beads and sequins to add fine detail
  5. Sew or stick the collage onto a stiff card and fit into a deep ‘box’ frame or in a normal frame, use two pieces of mountcard to keep the glass away from the picture

Other tips and ideas

  • you can use strong PVA glue instead of double sided tape but you’ll need to leave time for the glue to dry between stages
  • tear paper for softer edges as a contrast to cut edges
  • use a favourite photo or image as inspiration
  • arrange the pieces first without sticking them down in case you change your mind – a ‘dry run’


Download mixed media collage instruction sheet (pdf)