Make jewellery 1

Tools and materials

You will need:

  • storage box – choose one that shuts securely
  • round nose pliers – these help make your starting and finishing look neat
  • long nose pliers – good for crimping and extra help with bending and holding
  • cutters – combination pliers or snips – these can cut tiger tail and wire – don’t ruin scissors!
  • seed beads – very small beads, usually glass – good for filling large lengths and creating gaps between larger beads
  • various beads – can be glass, plastic, wood or metal – buy them new or re use old jewellery, raid a charity shop and the sales!
  • wire – by the reel = cheaper / metre and choice of length or pre-made headpins & eyepins (not shown) = more expensive but saves time; limited lengths
  • tiger tail in lots of colours – lightweight, strong and suitable for threading necklaces as well as making ‘drops’. Cheaper in bulk reels
  • crimps – used with tiger tail as a ‘stop’ for the beads
  • earring hooks
  • split rings – look like mini key rings – used to join pieces together
  • spring or claw clasp – a spring loaded clasp for necklaces/bracelets – simple and functional
  • toggle clasp – two part clasp for necklaces / bracelets; decorative and functional


For beads:

For tools:


N.B. Hazards – sharp tools & choking risk from beads. Strangulation risk from tiger tail. NOT suitable for children under 4. Supervision recommended at all times with children under 12.


Download jewellery making instructions 1 – tools and materials (pdf)