Make jewellery 5

Experimenting with more complex designs

You will need:

  • round nose pliers
  • long nose pliers
  • cutters
  • seed beads and larger beads
  • wire
  • tiger tail
  • crimps
  • earring hooks
  • split rings
  • spring or claw clasps
  • toggle clasps


  1. The key rule for making jewellery is the QUALITY of your finishing off and it takes practice. In the picture above of black and white bead drop one is a poorer quality finish – the ‘wonky’ shaped loop and gap left on the wire makes the ‘drop’ on the right look unfinished and beads are likely to fall off as the loop is not closed properly
  2. The colour, design, size and shape of your jewellery are completely up to you. There is no right or wrong – just poor quality assembly. Your fingers will get used to the materials and tools and each time you try a new piece, you will see an improvement. PRACTICE makes PERFECT
  3. Learn how to make the basic components: a drop – using wire and using tiger tail; a necklace (or bracelet) strand then build on the basics
  4. Try a cluster made from three wire drops – make three single wire drops and join using a split ring
  5. Try a cluster made from two tiger tail drops – cut the tiger tail twice as long, thread one half with beads, add a crimp and thread the other half of the tiger tail through leaving a small loop at the top, squeeze the crimp, thread the other half with beads and add a crimp on the end
  6. Have a go at a combination of a drop with a cluster below – join the single drops with a split ring to make a cluster and then add to the bottom of a single drop
  7. Make a necklace or bracelet with more than one strand
  8. Experiment, be imaginative and make jewellery that suits you and your mood


N.B. Hazards – sharp tools, choking risk from beads and strangulation risk with tiger tail. NOT suitable for children under 4. Supervision recommended at all times with children under 12. 


Download making jewellery 5 instructions – building on the basics (pdf)