Make a mobile

You will need:

  • scissors
  • plastic milk bottles, card, plastic table mats, laminated paper or any stiff material that you can cut with scissors
  • strong cotton, fishing wire or wool cut into lengths
  • beads from an unwanted necklace or use Hama beads
  • lolly sticks, drilled CDs or similar things to attach the strands to


  1. Cut shapes out of your stiff materials. Aim for at least 10 pieces for each strand. Use a drawing pin to make a hole in each piece. It doesn’t have to be in the middle.
  2. Tie a knot around a bead at the bottom of a piece of cotton or fishing wire and then thread on the first piece. Use another knot higher up or some beads to make a space. Thread on the next piece.
  3. Make more than one strand and join them together on a staff piece of plastic, e.g. an old CD with holes drilled in it or use lolly sticks. Tie a hanging loop at the top.

N.B. It is not safe to hang mobiles where young children can reach them. 

Other tips and ideas

  • use colours that match your room
  • find lots of different colour plastic bottles to cut up
  • try laminating sweet wrappers or old wrapping paper
  • hang the mobile near a window or radiator where the air will make it move


Download make a mobile instructions (pdf)