Make a spinner

You will need:

  • pencil
  • card
  • rubber bands
  • hole punch


  1. Draw a circle on a sheet of card. Use a cup or lid to draw round. Cut it out to make a disc
  2. Using a hole punch, make a hole on either side of the disc
  3. Draw a face on one side
  4. Turn the disc over so that the face is upside down
  5. Draw a hat in the top section of the disc
  6. Tie an elastic band to each side of the disc
  7. Holding the disc out in front of you, pull tight on the bands and twist them so that the disc spins
  8. Watch as the drawings merge and the hat appears on the head

Other tips and ideas

  • make your drawing with bright colours for the best effect
  • try other pictures like a bird and cage


Download make a spinner instructions (pdf)