Make a tree card

You will need:

  • sheet of card – any size you like
  • scissors
  • pencils or pens


  1. If you’re going to use paint or glue, protect your working surface with newspaper or an old cloth and wear old clothes or an apron
  2. Fold a sheet of white card in half. Draw the shape of half a Christmas tree with the fold on the left
  3. Cut along the shape and open the card out. Draw on the decorations. You have finished your card and it’s ready to use!

Other tips and ideas

  • use old Christmas cards for inspiration
  • paint your picture on instead of drawing
  • use sequins or scrap wrapping paper or other collage materials
  • use simple stickers like coloured dots or stars as decorations
  • use glitter to add extra sparkle


Download make a tree card instructions (pdf)