Paper flowers

You will need

  • Scissors
  • Tissue paper
  • Scrap paper, thin coloured card
  • Long pipe cleaner or length of florist wire


Instructions – tissue flower

  1. Start with 6 or 7 sheets of tissue paper (10 – 15cm square or rectangle will work)
  2. Fold your sheets in a concertina
  3. Snip each end with a triangle cut out (you can experiment with other shapes ie. frill no. 6 or round end no. 7)
  4. Wrap a pipe cleaner or florist wire in the centre of your folded paper, twist to fasten
  5. Carefully tease out the separate sheets and frills to make your paper flower



Instructions – card flower

  1. Start with a long sheet of coloured paper or thin card (approx 20cm x 6cm)
  2. About 1/2 cm in snip parallel to the short edge but don’t cut all the way across , leave about 1/2 cm . Do this all the way along your paper (making like a comb / frill)
  3. Curl up each of the snipped sections
  4. Fasten a pipe cleaner or florist wire through the first section
  5. Slowly spiral wrap your paper around the pipe cleaner
  6. Tie off the pipe cleaner/ wire at the end of your paper flower



Other tips and ideas

  • Try out different size papers for a button hole carnation
  • Use recycled papers such as old books for the card flower



Download instructions for paper flowers (pdf)