Drawn into landscapes


Artist: David O’Connor
Location: Main corridor, Level 3, SDH North

Originally positioned in Springs Restaurant this set of 10 drawings by artist David O’Connor was commissioned in 1995. They were subsequently re-sited to the Level 3 main corridors to unify the artwork displayed on this floor and give the corridor area, on level 3, a unique identity.

‘Malborough Downs’, like many in the set of drawings, depict ancient stones in a modern Wiltshire landscape. The passage of time is a constant theme within these works and, in this picture, is shown through the sun’s arcing movement across the sky and the shadow being cast over the sundial. David says about the artwork, “The pictures are drawn from memory and imagination. I don’t rely on observation or photographs because I believe that a complex constructed view is closer to our experience of the environment we inhabit. Our viewpoint is distorted by many factors such as memory, experience, history, emotions, knowledge and culture.”

About the artist

David was born in Birkenhead, Cheshire in 1959, one of nine brothers. Educated in Sculpture and Installation Art at The Slade School of Art and Sunderland Polytechnic, he developed a strong interest in landscape art and walking from an early age on the Wirral Peninsula. After leaving college in 1982, he spent ten years as a furniture designer and maker. In 1992 he re-started work as an artist. His first major installation since 1992 was in 1997. He is currently working on installations and public sculpture. Alongside this he makes smaller sculptures predominantly stone, metal and wood, which can be purchased from the artist.