Fish tank


Artist: Fabrizia Bazzo & Michelle Keeling
Location: Children’s Outpatients Reception

The fish tank feature in the Outpatients reception area was commissioned to provide a welcoming and interesting focal point with a ‘wow’ factor to distract and delight children of all ages. “What amuses and enchants a child looking through blue water? How can fish simply swimming make a child smile?”, were two questions that art glass designers Fabrizia Bazzo and Michelle Keeling had in mind while designing the fish tank. They said, “Designing with the aim to reach and inspire a child’s fantasy was a challenge but it was greatly rewarding. We got lots of ideas from the children at Wyndham Park Infants and Exeter House Special School. Don’t ask why, but jellyfish seemed to be a recurring theme throughout the workshops! We integrated the work from the schools into our overall designs for the backdrop to the fishtank to create a feature that is relaxing and interesting to watch over fro long periods of time.”

The tank was produced and installed by Porton Garden Centre and Shires Ltd.