H is for hospital


Artist: Althea Wynne
Location: Entrance A, Salisbury District Hospital

Commissioned in 1993, ‘H’ for hospital is an 8 foot high, 6 tonne trilithon of Chilmark stone marking the entrance to Salisbury District hospital. Artist Althea Wynne designed this piece to be made from local Chilmark stone quarried about 15 miles west of Salisbury. This is the same material used in the decoration of Salisbury Cathedral. Chilmark stone is highly regarded as a long lasting limestone that can be easily worked and was reputed to be Sir Christopher Wren’s favourite stone.

The overall shape, although playing on hospital road sign’s ‘H’ for hospital theme, is also reminiscent of the construction at Wiltshire’s mores famous historical site – Stonehenge.

As with any major piece of public art much of the design work is hidden and with 6 tonne piece of sculpture a lot of safety features are hidden under the ground. With deep foundations and stainless steel reinforcement this work is secure for years to come.

About the artist

Althea Wynne trained first at Farnham then at Hammersmith before attending The Royal College of Art form which she holds her degree. She is a fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors.

She also became a teacher of Art and History of Art before returning to her studio where much of her work is in high-fired ceramics with a special interest in large sculpture for gardens and architectural settings.

Althea says, “I am deeply influenced by my love of early classical sculpture, the calm poise and harmony of which I try to emulate. The Greeks also had an understanding of animals from which I draw some of my inspiration, and my equestrian subjects owe much to my love of riding.”