Hannah Lefeuvre


Hannah is an experienced community dance and movement artist, specialising in work with early years children, families and older people. She has worked extensively in early years, in delivery, training and exchange with over fifty UK settings and practitioners from across Europe and from Egypt, Mexico and India.

Hannah’s work with older adults includes leading Take Art’s Time to Move Dance Project for older people in Somerset (2006-9) and the Direction of the Tacchi Morris Bolder Dance Company, from its inception in 2013, to 2018. Hannah has taught Community Dance at Plymouth and Roehampton Universities and London’s Laban Centre and lectured in Early Childhood at Canterbury Christchurch University from 2013 – 18.

In hospitals, Hannah enjoys engaging responsively with patients, through conversation, song or sensory stimuli. Hannah is a self-taught ukulele player and finds this brings a gentle, accessible sound to people’s bedsides.

In her spare time, Hannah lives in an off-grid cabin, where she and her partner take care of a large ornamental garden. For her own development, Hannah has participated in multiple coastal movement workshops with Helen Poynor in Devon and takes increasing inspiration from the natural environment in her work. Visit Hannah’s website

View videos made by Hannah for ‘Elevate artists at home’ below.


Garden Musings 1 – Birdsong

Garden Musings 2 – Daffodils

Garden Musings 3 – Polytunnel

Garden Musings 4 – Top of the hill

Garden Musings 5 – Pesto

Garden Musings 6 – Rain

Garden Musings 7 – Blackbird

Garden Musings 8 – Wind & wildflowers

Garden Musings 9 – Homegrown salad

Garden Musings 10 – Flowers

Garden Musings 11 – Nettles

Garden Musings 12 – Fruit

Garden Musings 13 – Rainbow walk

Singing to you from my garden