Musical influences


Artist: David Bennett
Location: Central corridor, near Day Surgery

‘Lisa’s Flute’ is one of a series of five works based on musical instruments and responses to musical sounds. David uses the repeated shapes of valves, keys, rods and sound holes to make bold close-up studies. David shows his interest in the technical solution used in the construction of each instrument that in-turn create interesting visual objects. David imitates the music through painting technique by using a variety of brush strokes and lively colour to represent the unique sound characteristics. ‘Lisa’s Flute’ is perhaps the most extreme of the five with its divided panels placed in higher and lower, deeper and shallower composition. The style of mounting was done to depict the staccato playing of notes from a flute.

About the artist

David Bennett spent his childhood in the Woodford Valley, five miles north of Salisbury. In 1996, after a career in teaching, he decided to become a freelance illustrator. His versatility lends itself to a wide variety of work that encompasses: logo design, murals, caricatures and book illustrations. David’s portfolio includes logos for the Larmer Tree Festival and National Federation of Zoological Gardens and archaeological reconstructions for the National Trust stone circles at Avebury and Castlerigg (Cumbria).