Radnor Ward


ArtCare helped design the new Radnor Ward environment, working closely in consultation with staff and patient representatives. The new ward needed to be a calm and professional environment that reflected the level of care patients receive, whilst reassuring families and carers who visit the most unwell patients at Salisbury.

Lesley Meaker from ArtCare said, “We had to be more creative with space, light and colour in the design of the ward area. Patients need to feel safe and free from too much visual stimulation, such as clutter or busy artworks that could potentially have a negative effect causing hallucinations. Together with staff we chose to keep patient areas light, airy and spacious with use of spring colours in paint and wall finishes.” Wards have been decorated with the latest anti-bacterial paint and floor finishes, whilst four new side rooms have specialist anti-bacterial wall cladding that is hard wearing, easy to clean and low maintenance for patients being cared for in isolation.

Relatives visiting Intensive Care patients also needed extra space and they now have a refurbished quiet room, which is a more contemplative space allowing relatives to take time away from the bedside. It can also be used for private consultation with staff. There is a separate family room with social area and kitchen facilities.

The most striking change in the area is the welcome in the ward entrance corridor and communal spaces, which have large scale photographic artworks by Martin Cook. Martin is not only a staff member working on the unit as Consultant Anaesthetist but also a talented photographer who captures local landscapes around Odstock and Coombe Bisset valley.