September Haikus

September into autumn is a time of seasonal change, leaves are changing colour on the trees, nights are drawing in and mornings are crisper.  Elevate artist David Davies invites us to reflect on this time of year and use it as a starting point for writing a haiku – a simple three line poem.

Chinese Brush painting of peaches on a branch


Here are some September haiku poems that I’ve written. Haikus are mini poems with three lines that you can say in one breath. To help introduce them I have been looking at local artist Pippa Mayell’s Chinese Brush Painting entitled ‘Peaches’. I love how Pippa’s brushstrokes form a frame of branches and how the fruit appears like lanterns, glowing. Great inspiration for a haiku.


September evening –
across our garden
a blackbird skims a warning


late summer evening –
in the thinning light
the hillside folds


harvest corn, becalmed –
the field names


up in the loft –
books in boxes
the wasps busy


cattle tracks lengthen –
cows low into the sharpness of evening


Have a go at making up a haiku yourself: keep it simple – three short lines, sometimes just two is fine, usually capturing or noticing one thought about nature, the seasons or the landscape. After the first or second line, include a slight shift in thought to help make the piece feel complete. Sometimes we think or speak in Haiku form, without noticing.


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