Time to volunteer

An interview with ArtCare volunteer Anne Parrish

Anne joined ArtCare as a regular volunteer in May 2010. We asked her about her experiences.

What led you to volunteer for ArtCare?

“When I was medically retired I wanted to do something constructive, but in an area that interested me. I like artistic things and thought of ArtCare, not really knowing what ArtCare did. I’d seen people organising the exhibitions in corridors and I knew they helped with colour schemes in wards, but I’ve discovered you do an awful lot more.”

What activities have you been doing?

“Initially I took photos of all the pictures in the permanent collection and added them to the database. I also measured them, so we knew the size, and checked their location. For the past few years I have been scanning and cataloguing items in our historical collection. This consists mainly of pictures and slides from large folders, but I also scan information found in old boxes, like the papers from the Infirmary chest dating back to the 18th century. It can be quite repetitive, but then you come across something very interesting, which you can research further.”

What are the benefits for you of volunteering with ArtCare?

“It allows me to get out of the house and I feel I’m doing something useful. I can organise myself around this work, it’s flexible. I can do the work in my own time. I feel I’ve gained a great deal and certainly look around the hospital in a more observant way.”