Treasury of arts activities for older people

The Baring Foundation has published a ‘Treasury of arts activities for older people’ by Liz Postlethwaite. The book contains 50 activities, long and short, for use in any setting with older people. ArtCare contributed to the activities featured with ‘Everything stops for tea’. A regular part of the Elevate programme, “A vintage tea party seems to work on every level and with every age group from children to frail older people. The tea party, in whatever setting, brings people together in a social context. Live music with songs from eras and genres relevant to the participants triggers stories and memories and encourages people to eat, drink and forget their troubles and lifts their spirits.”

A digital copy of the book ‘Treasury of arts activities for older people’ can be downloaded here. The Elevate programme’s ‘Everything stops for tea’ is featured on page 61.