Watercolour wildflowers

You will need:

  • watercolour or water based poster paints
  • variety of brushes (nothing fancy we used decorating brushes and an old toothbrush!)
  • thick watercolour paper
  • pot for water
  • newspaper
  • kitchen towel for mopping up spills



  1. Using our SDH Nature book as inspiration look for some interesting colours and shaped flowers.
  2. Set out your paints, water, brushes and paper on some old newspaper.
  3. Make the paper wet, with water, in a rough shape of your flower head.
  4. Dab onto the wet area with a couple of different colours and watch them blend together on the damp paper.
  5. Try drawing into your wet paint with the ‘wrong end’ wooden tip of your paintbrush to create a scratched effect.
  6. Add in some stalk details, again in wet paint and use an old brush or toothbrush to add final splashed texture for the background.



Other ideas and tips

  • Use a much larger brush than you think need, we used an old decorating brush, this will stop you trying to add too much detail!
  • Keep the paint wet as you will create some interesting blends.
  • Don’t worry too much about copying your flower image, try different strokes to give an impression of its shape.
  • Try using two different colours to gently combine on the wet paper, for example use yellow & red to merge into an orange flower (don’t over mix and let some of the original colours still show through for more dynamic image).
  • Use a standard pre-cut mount to view your dry painting, when to see it with cropped edges your artwork always looks much more finished!


Download instructions

Download watercolour wildflowers activity sheet (pdf)