Willow star

Elevate artist Hannah Lefeuvre shares how to make a willow star

You will need

  • willow – colours optional
  • wool or string for tying the end – optional


Part 1 – Folding

  1. Take a single piece of willow
  2. Make one fold, a third of the length from the bottom of the stem, (just shorter than the average length of your forearm)
  3. Make another fold, roughly 8cm to the left of the first fold (about an index finger’s length)
  4. Make two further folds, along the extended length, each at 8cm, creating an M and a W letter shape
  5. Hold the long stem and let the folded pieces go. You will use these folds in a moment. Now move on to part 2 – assembling your star

Part 2 – Assembling

  1. Fold the willow once, to make a shape like a number 4
  2. Fold the willow again, as if from approximately 3 o’clock to 10 o’clock on a clock face, and tuck it underneath. You should now see the four sides of the star emerge in your hands
  3. Fold the willow again, as if going from 10 o’clock to 5 o’clock on a clock face, weaving the thread over and under the existing shape
  4. Use your thumbs to finalise the star shape
  5. Tie in a knot to finish off – with the end of the willow, or using wool or string
  6. Display the star in your chosen spot


Other tips and ideas

  • Use different colour strands of willow and different lengths to varying the size of the stars
  • For an easier project make willow circles and loop together to make a chain – instructions to download below



Download willow star instruction sheet (pdf)
Download willow chain instruction sheet (pdf)