Woven paper hearts

You will need

  • scrap paper
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • ribbon (optional)



  1. Choose some contrasting papers
  2. Measure out 6cm x18cm (1:3 ratio)
  3. Cut out and fold in half
  4. Draw a circle across the open end (we used a glass to help create the shape
  5. Cut 3 slits from the folded edge just over 6cm long and 2cm apart
  6. To begin weaving : push the first strip A (pink paper in our diagram) in between the first strip of the other (flower) paper (N.B. letters referred to are on the instruction sheet downloadable below)
  7. Then feed the middle strip C of the flower paper between the first strip D of the pink paper. Complete that row by pushing the pink paper between the last strip of the flower paper E
  8. Alternate each row (between then around; between then around) and so on until complete
  9. Finish your heart with ribbon or a paper strip to hang it up. 



Other tips and ideas

  • Try different colour combinations
  • Use old wrapping paper
  • Make different sizes or cut more strips to start with



Download woven paper hearts instruction sheet (pdf)