Zen leaf drawing

You will need

  • paper
  • felt pen or pencil



  1. Draw some leaf outlines on a page
  2. If you are not confident, you can always draw around some leaf shapes found on a walk
  3. Divide your leaf outline up into 6-8 sections
  4. Fill each section with a different pattern ie. check, zig-zag, dots and circles… anything you like!
  5. Optional: colour in your drawing – here we have chosen some autumn colours – again anything you like
  6. Repeat the process across the page using different shapes and patterns – download the instruction sheet below and finish the drawing we’ve started


Other tips and ideas

  • Fill up a small notebook with zen doodles with drawing and colouring in
  • Cut out a page and glue to a piece of folded card to make a greeting card/gift tag



Download instructions zen leaf drawing (pdf)