Make a snowflake

You will need:

  • scissors
  • paper – plain white or shiny wrapping paper, tracing paper, kitchen foil
  • cotton or fishing wire for hanging the snowflakes up
  • sticky tape for hanging the snowflakes up


  1. Use a square sheet of paper and fold in half to make a triangle
  2. Fold the triangle again & fold once more
  3. Cut the arms of the snowflake along the fold towards the centre point. Remember that snow flakes are ice crystals so use angular shapes not curvy ones
  4. Unfold carefully to see your snowflake. Try simple shapes first and once you are happy you can get more complicated
  5. Use sticky tape to attach them to cotton or fishing wire and hang the string of snowflakes in a window or around the walls. You could make small ones and make a long garland for the Christmas tree

Other tips and ideas

  • make Christmas cards with them
  • use them as a stencil for painting or for spray snow
  • laminate them so that they are stiff and make a mobile
  • add glitter for a frosty sparkle


Download make a snowflake instructions (pdf)