Rosie Mead

Rosie is a clarinettist and has been with Elevate since 2010. Rosie has a keen interest in the role that music can play in Dementia care and is currently completing a PhD in Medical Sociology exploring acute hospital ward environments for patients with Dementia and the link between live music and lower agitation levels. Rosie has worked in arts and health for over 12 years managing hospital music programmes and performing for patients across the Southwest.

Rosie is also the Director of Musica Music and Wellbeing CIC which is a social enterprise supporting the Dementia journey through music. For more information visit

Karen Wimhurst

Karen Wimhurst is a freelance composer, clarinettist, choral conductor and educator. She has worked both creating and performing music with all ages, from mothers and babies to senior citizens.

For Elevate and hospital settings, Karen focusses on a light jazz repertoire, encouraging people to sing along as well as improvising on the clarinet.

Karen has been commissioned by numerous festivals, ensembles and theatre companies throughout the UK. Recent works in a diverse portfolio include the theatre piece ‘w_RAP’, written as composer in residence with MoDiP; ‘Get Up and Tie Your Fingers’ (about women and herring fishing in Eyemouth); ‘Freedom, Bread and Peace’, multi-media music theatre exploring the rise and fall of communism for Bournemouth Festival by the Sea); Heartwood, a processional work celebrating the ash trees of Britain; and Miriam, a chamber opera for Electric Voice Theatre exploring the life of entomologist Miriam Rothschild.

Her recently released album Clarion, with accordionist Paul Hutchinson is featured in Songlines Top of the World CD 2016. Other recent albums include Timepiece with the jazz quartet ‘Misbehavin’. Visit Karen’s website:

Stephanie Jalland

Stephanie is a theatre maker and will lift your spirits with pictures, music and all sorts to unlock your imagination and the stories of your life.

View videos made by Stephanie for ‘Elevate artists at home’ below.


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Rebecca Seymour


Rebecca has been the Elevate coordinator since the start of the project in 2013. As an Elevate artist on the ward she will help you with light exercises to music that you can do from your chair. The movements stimulate the blood flow and open up your lungs, guaranteed to make you feel better. She also enjoys singing with patients during the vintage musical tea parties.

Rebecca has been working in hospitals as a Dance and movement artist for 7 years and is also trained as a Dance for Parkinson’s and a Dance for Dementia teacher. Rebecca also manages other arts projects for older people living in Wiltshire. She lives in Salisbury with her family and enjoys singing in choirs, swimming, yoga and running for charity.