Window wanderland

ArtCare are joining Salisbury BID and Wiltshire Creative, working together with the Salisbury Nepalese Society to co-ordinate this unique art gallery both at Salisbury District Hospital and in Salisbury City Centre which will bring a little magic and light as the nights get darker. Salisbury’s event will run from 4th to 7th November 2021 and will celebrate the diversity in our City by drawing on the themes of Diwali, Festival of Lights, of triumph over darkness, happiness and positivity.

This project is supported in Salisbury City Centre by HSBC bank, Wiltshire Council and Salisbury City Council and at Salisbury Hospital by the Stars Appeal.


Themes and inspiration

Salisbury Window Wanderland takes its inspiration from Diwali to bring light into the darkness during the winter months – symbolising happiness and positivity. The idea behind Window Wanderland is to create a colourful window that uses translucent materials with dark silhouettes to create magical images and grab the attention of people walking past. These themes have been developed in conversation with the Nepalese community in Salisbury. They are based around the symbols which represent the underlying themes of Diwali: light into darkness, positivity and happiness.

making a Diwali window design with brightly coloured tissue paperThe overall themes for Salisbury Window Wanderland are:

  • Colour palette: Orange, red, purple, pink, yellow colours
  • Simple pattern and shapes that use the shapes and patterns of rangoli as inspiration
  • Pin pricks of light coming through reflecting the lit candles of the rangoli
  • Understanding the symbols so they are used correctly

Find out more about the Diwali symbols on our resource sheet (pdf)


You will need

  • Tracing paper
  • Black paper
  • Marker Pens
  • Tissue paper
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors



  1. Choose a window and measure it. If your window is smaller than your paper, cut your black paper or tracing paper to the same size as the window. Select a window that others can enjoy how your design looks at night when the lights inside the room make the design glow with colour in the darkness.
  2. Choosing your shapes
    – you can practice your own design and make a sketch on a piece of scrap paper
    – you can copy one of the photos
    – you can trace from our examples
    – you could cut shapes of tracing paper and lay them out first to experiment before sticking them down
    – making a template from a piece of card is a good way to repeat a shape
  3. Protect your work surface with an old sheet, newspaper or a tablecloth
  4. Method A 
    – Draw the designs on your black paper
    – Cut out the holes carefully
    – Make colour tissue paper pieces larger than the holes
    – Add Glue carefully around the edge of the holes
    – Stick down the tissue paper
    – Repeat until all the holes are filled in with your colours
  5. Or Method B
    – Draw your design onto a sheet of tracing paper
    – Cut colour tissue paper shapes to match your design
    – Add glue to the tracing paper
    – Stick the colour tissue paper shapes
    – Repeat to cover the whole sheet
    – Add black sugar paper to create a frame, outlines or details
  6. Finishing touches – both methods -Use the marker pens to add simple lines and details if you wish. You can layer the tissue paper colours to make the colour stronger or create new colours


Add your finished design to the window, photograph it and email us at ArtCare On Twitter share and tag @ArtCareUK @SalisburyNHS @WiltsCreative #WindowWanderland


Method A – video (no sound)



Window design pattern template 1 – circles (pdf)
Window design pattern template 2 – stars (pdf)
Window design pattern template 3 – flower (pdf)
Window design pattern template 4 – diamonds (pdf)