Inspiring words and images

Bundles of our new Elevate publication ‘Elevate your mood’ are on their way to isolated people thanks to the Silver Salisbury team. We’ve also given free copies to every inpatient thanks to ward staff. The new monthly issue complements our online wellbeing content and outdoor performances by Elevate artists. With restrictions still in place on visitors to hospital wards, our Elevate artists wanted to reach out to patients and others socially isolated by the current Coronavirus pandemic to provide some inspiring words and images.

David Davies, Stephanie Jalland and Hannah Lefeuvre hope their writing and poetry will trigger memories and recollections in patients and those in the wider community. The publication is designed to engage people and ArtCare would really like to include contributions from readers in future editions, for example a few lines in response to the autumnal theme, a short poem, a crossword or an image – whatever sparks the imagination.

As well as the print edition, the articles will also be added to the ‘Elevate your mood’ page to reach an even wider audience online. Anyone wishing to contribute should email ArtCare or send to ArtCare, Block 29, Salisbury District Hospital, Salisbury SP2 8BJ.