Digital Drawing – Colour

If you have completed our Digital Drawing Basics tutorial, why not try experimenting with some colour fill techniques by following this practice activity. Watch our video clip and follow the instructions below. This activity is great for a quick and quiet wellbeing break from your work.



  1. Create a line drawing or pattern in simple black line
  2. Alternatively download one of our colouring-in sheets and insert the poppy image into your drawing (see the digital drawing basics if you’re not sure how to do this)digital drawing of poppies with different shades of red used for petals
  3. Using the fill bucket, on the top menu, fill your drawing with different areas of colour
  4. TIP: you can try using the same background drawing and vary the colours to create two different versions, (i.e. just use hot colours Pink/Red/Orange or cool colours Blue/Green/purples). See how the colour choices change the feel of the drawings.


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Download instructions and examples

Download our digital drawing instructions

Download our digital drawing examples (for personal use only)