Digital Drawing – Patterns

If you have completed our Digital Drawing Basics tutorial, why not try creating some abstract patterns by following this practice activity. Watch our video clip and follow the instructions below. These types of abstract patterns could make great greetings cards. Many online card printers allow you to upload your own images to print and send. Have fun experimenting!



  1. Draw a flower shape in a plain colour
  2. On the layer menu click the small padlock in the bottom left corner – this is important!
  3. Click the layer and click duplicate on the pop-up menu
  4. Go to the top menu and click transform
  5. Drag and drop your new flower somewhere else in your drawing, click done when placed
  6. Repeat from step 3 until you have a screen full of flowers
  7. Click the top layer and click merge all on the pop-up menu
  8. Select an interesting pattern from the brushes menu, i.e. dots or splatters!
  9. Select a bright colour from the colour menu
  10. Scribble all over your flowers, change colours and textures. N.B. If you clicked the padlock at the start you will only fill your flowers with colour and texture and the brush will ignore the background.
  11. Complete your drawing by adding colour and texture to a new layer below


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Download instructions and examples

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