Visitor looking at exhibition

Open Exhibition 2024

Start date: Friday 3rd May 2024
End date: Friday 21st June 2024
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Artists are invited to take part in ArtCare’s Annual Open Exhibition - download our information pack and entry form - this contains all the details to submitting work on Friday 26th April (10am-4pm) and Saturday 27th (10am –12noon) at the ArtCare Office (see the map in our information pack). We have added a weekend drop off times for those working and parking is quieter.

The ArtCare Open is always an exhibition with works of outstanding quality, selected fairly from a large number of entries. The Open exhibition is a great way to showcase your work with nearly 4000 staff and tens-of-thousands of weekly visitors seeing work along the hospital corridors. Remember too that all money raised from entry fees, as well as commissions on sales, supports the ArtCare project which is funded by charitable contributions. The art service is widely appreciated by patients, staff and visitors alike and we very much hope that you will support our work again with a submission of your works.

Entries will be chosen for the final exhibition and an overall winner will receive a prize of £300 and an opportunity to exhibit later in the year. There will also be two runners-up prizes of £150 kindly sponsored by Salisbury Hospital League of Friends.

The selection process will take place on Tuesday 30th April by a panel of judges from a variety of arts and healthcare backgrounds.

We are able to exhibit approximately 100 works in total. The Open is always a highlight in our exhibition calendar with good levels of interest and sales.

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Image of poetry writing

Words in the Landscape

Start date: Saturday 23rd March 2024
End date: Friday 19th April 2024
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Coming from the Chase & Chalke Landscape Partnership we bring you an exhibition showing selected writing people have shared during the Words in the Landscape project. The exhibition will feature works produced by Chase & Chalke poet in residence Akulah Agbami, based on the lives of the abbesses of Shaftesbury Abbey over the centuries.  Also poems produced during sessions with Akulah Agbami and groups of writers from schools and local communities

There is also a chance to read poems and writing left in Poetry Boxes placed around the landscape of Cranborne Chase and works created and submitted as part of the Creative Writing Competition

The Words in the Landscape project aims to bring together readers, writers, poets and tellers of tales to celebrate the written and spoken word, and to connect people to the landscape.  The Chase & Chalke Landscape Partnership is a group of organisations working to protect and enhance the special landscape of Cranborne Chase and the Chalke Valley.

Abstract painting of blue sky and trees

Mark Elling & Simon Manners Exhibition

Start date: Saturday 23rd March 2024
End date: Friday 19th April 2024
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Mark and Simon are exhibiting works with us for the first time.  Inspired by landscapes and colour. Both are new artists developing their style and interests in the past few years.



Art has interested me for as long as I can remember. However, I've only been painting since the pandemic unexpectedly created opportunities to try various styles. The work is influenced by my formal training as a graphic designer but not constrained by it. My artistic journey is still in progress and this excites me to find my 'voice' guided by regular tuition and finding inspiration in nature.


I have no formal art training but have been interested in art from a young age and have often made attempts at painting in oils or acrylics over the years. A couple of years ago I started attending a workshop that focuses on semi abstract landscapes and I feel that this was the catalyst in finding a style that I am happy with, and really enjoy.

Painting of musician sat in boat under wave

Diliana cartoons

Start date: Thursday 15th February 2024
End date: Friday 15th March 2024
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Diliana Nikolova works in many areas of the arts. She works in the sphere of caricature, satirical drawing and illustration. She has written several scripts for animated films and documentaries. A big part of her creative career is connected with Small Puppet Theatre SLON. She has won many awards for her artistic achievements in the theatre & film arts as well as for her work in caricature.


In her painting endeavours the main subject is the human, the human’s existence & faith. Here is what Diliana says about her latest work:

“I love people. Each human as an individual. There isn’t a person that isn’t interesting. There isn’t a person that isn’t important. Every person is someone distinctive, inimitable and amazing. I have heard people say that the human is a universe. I don’t quite agree. I think the human is a tiny particle, which has been blessed with intellect and free will but also with stubbornness and senseless which gives the ability to carry the abyss of one’s life that we don’t just lead but also create for ourselves.”

Diliana works in acrylics, her work is bold and bright but at the same time has a lot of detail, with each painting or character carrying a message which is sometimes very clear but mostly open to interpretation by the viewer, where one can often see themselves in some moment or other in their lives.

Painting of woodland scene

Ringwood Art Society

Start date: Thursday 11th January 2024
End date: Thursday 8th February 2024
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

ArtCare at Salisbury Hospital welcome the annual show from the Ringwood Art Society. Group members show their skills is a variety of media including watercolours, pastels and acrylics.

The Ringwood Art Society was formed in 1968 to provide opportunities for members to extend their knowledge and interest in art generally, to provide a means for members to exhibit and possibly sell their work and to stimulate an interest in art amongst members of the public.

The exhibition is free of charge and can be seen on both levels 3 and 4 main corridors of Salisbury District Hospital.

ArtCare is charitably funded by The Stars Appeal, other grants and a commission raised from picture sales go towards hospital creative projects with patients and families.

Painting on winter snow scene and orange sky

SGA Winter Exhibition

Start date: Thursday 23rd November 2023
End date: Thursday 4th January 2024
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Salisbury Group of Artists are holding their Annual Winter Exhibition at Salisbury District Hospital throughout December.

Local landscapes and a variety of original artworks will be on display along the corridors.

In the run up to the festive season there is a chance to view and purchase a unique Christmas present and commission on all sales is used by ArtCare to fund creative projects for the benefit of patients, staff and visitors to the hospital.

SGA is a vibrant, friendly and active arts group for artists and makers from Salisbury and a wide surrounding area. The membership of about 230 is offered opportunities to further their skills or develop new ones and to exhibit their work in exhibitions across the year. These exhibitions show original work by painters, sketchers, textile artists, ceramicists, photographers and artists in wood.

Art workshops, Salisbury Sketchers, Friday Art, Exhibitions and social gatherings give members opportunities to work with or meet their fellow artists.

Artwork is on level 3 and 4 main corridors and runs until 4th January 2024.

For more details visit:




Pastel painting in blue and yellow of a vase of white flowers

Clarendon Art Group

Start date: Thursday 19th October 2023
End date: Thursday 16th November 2023
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Clarendon Art is a small amateur group with members from several villages, Salisbury and beyond. We have a range of styles and media preferences and are delighted to share our latest work. Whilst we very much enjoy the chance to exhibit and find it very motivating, we also believe that making art should be both fun and therapeutic. Our weekly Friday meetings are where we share ideas and inspiration and try out new techniques in a relaxed, supportive and friendly atmosphere.  Download the exhibition catalogue (pdf)
For more information contact Sally at



Black and white photograph of a full moon

No Better Place

Start date: Friday 8th September 2023
End date: Thursday 26th October 2023
Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am

An astronomy exhibition, from the Cranborne Chase Astronomy Club, about the importance of preserving the Earth as our home.  Entitled 'No Better Place (It's Just Right)' the display describes our planet in context to the wider solar system and the special circumstances that have led to life on Earth.



Text and photographs illustrating art projects

Well-City Salisbury End of Year exhibition

Start date: Thursday 7th September 2023
End date: Tuesday 10th October 2023
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

We are delighted to share that our End of Year Exhibition photography display will be shown at Salisbury District Hospital during September and October.

We are very lucky to be working with artist Elizabeth Hammond who delivered our online course with Wiltshire Creative earlier in the year to curate this year’s exhibition.  This is an opportunity to celebrate our second year and showcases the fabulous creative works made by participants who took part in a course this year.   Well-City is a partnership project between ArtCare, Salisbury Museum, Wessex Archaeology and Wiltshire Creative - read more about the project on the Well-City Salisbury website

The exhibition is free of charge and can be seen on both levels 3 and 4 main corridors of Salisbury District Hospital.

montage of staff photos on homeland theme including ice cream, elephants, stonehenge, swimming, mountains

My Homeland

Start date: Friday 4th August 2023
End date: Thursday 31st August 2023
All-day event

Staff & Volunteers photography exhibition 2023: My Homeland

We had an amazing response from staff and volunteers who sent in pictures for our 'My Homeland' photography exhibition which are now up on display. Take a wander along the Main Corridors SDH North level 3 & 4 and enjoy over 110 images – you’ll see local views, landscapes, place and objects that reminds people of home or family, where they feel at home, or somewhere they’d like to be! On now until 31st August.

Watercolour painting of Old Sarum landscape

Laura Bell Student Exhibition 2023

Start date: Thursday 6th July 2023
End date: Thursday 27th July 2023
All-day event

ArtCare at Salisbury Hospital welcome the annual show from Laura Bell and her students. This year's exhibition reveals some of the exercises and inspirations which Laura Bell's watercolour students have been enjoying.

The Autumn Term concentrated on the ideas and techniques of Mary Fedden. The aim was to balance abstract qualities with interesting subjects with autobiographical associations e.g. exploring the title 'My Favourite Things'. There were quite a few still life subjects and some studies of birds, both frequent focuses for Mary Fedden.

In the Spring Term the theme was Natural Form and Design. This led to the work of William Morris and Charles Voysey being used as an inspiration for pattern in particular. It also resulted in a wonderful collection of illuminated letters. There are also examples of landscape completed with or without photographs and, in some cases, from the imagination.

If you would like to know more about Laura Bell's art classes, please get in touch:

The exhibition is free of charge and can be seen on both levels 3 and 4 main corridors of Salisbury District Hospital.

ArtCare is charitably funded by The Stars Appeal, other grants and a commission raised from picture sales go towards hospital creative projects with patients and families.


mixed media printed seed heads with embroidered detail

Teresa Rogers

Start date: Friday 31st March 2023
End date: Tuesday 25th April 2023
All-day event

Bringing colour and lively artwork to our corridors this month is an exhibition by artist Teresa Rogers. With bold surface decoration and vibrant colours her work includes experimental pieces, mixed media, textiles, print and paint. After a long career in education Teresa continues to run workshops from her home studio on the edge of the New Forest.