SDH Nature Guide

New for 2020 is the full colour ‘SDH Nature Guide’, written by Genetics staff member James Macpherson, designed and published by ArtCare and sponsored by Salisbury Hospital League of Friends. It is an inspiring guide to the wildlife of Salisbury District Hospital and the surrounding area. The booklet provides a month by month look at the wide variety of flowers, plants and animals around the site, together with a detailed description and background information about each. As well as informing staff, patients and visitors about the wonderful array of flora and fauna to explore on their doorstep, the booklet also aims to engage support for preservation of the site’s biodiversity.

Author James Macpherson said, “This is a rare and special habitat with which southern England is particularly blessed… and which during my frequent walks around the SDH site I have been able to enjoy on a daily basis.”

ArtCare will be using the books in their memory box activities as conversation starters with patients on wards. It will be a useful wellbeing tool for staff and visitors as there is strong evidence that accessing nature improves mental health and reduces stress.

Why not try some of our linked activities?

Other ideas

  • Look up the latin names for each of the butterflies on the colouring sheet, what is their purpose and why are these useful?
  • Research and draw the butterfly life cycle
  • Create a calendar bar graph that shows when certain flowers or butterflies can be seen in the year

Copies of the SDH Nature Guide are available to purchase from ArtCare please email for detail. The book will also be available also from the League of Friends shop in the main entrance, when it re-opens. Why not take a break from work and explore the area yourself? Or visit our Wellbeing page for more creative activities that you can do at the hospital or at home.

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Salisbury Healthcare History

Salisbury Healthcare History is a growing digital archive of Salisbury District Hospital’s historical collection. In December 2015, ArtCare were successful in a Heritage Lottery Fund bid for £40,000 towards the sorting, cataloguing, recording and sharing of the historical archives and collections relating to health care in Salisbury. With items dating back to the building of Salisbury General Infirmary in 1766 and beyond, this online resource provides an exciting insight into Salisbury’s health care. Visit the dedicated website: to explore the collection.

Breathing spaces

ArtCare have produced a guide to outdoor spaces and walks around Salisbury District Hospital. Download the walking guide or get the free MapMyWalk App (available from Google Play Store or iTunes) and load one of our walks. You can also scan the QR code on the guide to take you direct to the online route. If you’re feeling adventurous you could invent your own walk & download on MapMyWalk for others to share!

Visit our Wellbeing page for more creative activities that you can do at the hospital or at home.